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Full speed ahead

We not only use state of the art hardware and software to fit your needs and budget: we also configure everything to suit your very specific space and requirements.
Did you know the Wifi channels should be adjusted based on your physical and electro-magnetic environment? We do.

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Full time

We are used to serving large events, industrial sites and demanding start ups.
Uptime is our priority. Every piece of equipment comes with our own automated real-time failure detection system and can even embed fail-over capabilities. We'll know what happens before it happens.

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Your space is split between several floors with blind spots everywhere?
No problem, we'll analyse the layout and position the cables or Wifi access points to deliver the best possible connectivity to every single end-user.

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Spend your time and energy serving your customers, not your network.
We'll monitor and control your system remotely to provide a level of service you had never experienced before.

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Your business is growing ? Let's scale together.
Our wireless networks scale easily by installing and activating additional Wifi access points at the best locations. Wired networks are even easier: we love cables.

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Firewalls are our best friends.

And for business people that need access to their network away from the office, we offer Virtual Private Networks (VPN) too.

More Benefits

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Traffic shapping

It is the ability to grant priorities to different users based on their usage. For instance, it is possible to give priority to e-mails and prevent people from using your bandwith to download songs or movies with software such as BitTorrent.

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You own the project. We constantly validate with you and your team that every decision is understood and agreed upon by everyone, be it network engineers or CFO. We are more than happy to answer any question related to networks and connectivity.

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Ondelo is the reason the internet at my office functions today. They were meticulous, consistent and communicative throughout the process and our fit out now serves 18 happy people in the space.

Juanita S., Kolibri Solutions

How to get started

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Contact us

Feel free to contact us directly or via the form by clicking the button below. We will contact you back within 48h and help you define your project and requirements.

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Site survey

In most cases, the first contact will lead to a site survey, aimed at identifying the specificities of the space to connect. The survey usually takes less than 1h and is totally non-intrusive.

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Design & Quotation

Once the survey is done (if any), we usually provide technical proposals and quotations within 72h. The service can then be implemented in as little as 10 working days for simple projects with an existing connection (ISP) and provided the key persons on the client side are available at that time.