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Permanent Setup

Want to provide awesome user experience and top network connectivity in your startup, office, co-working space, coffee shop, restaurant,...?
We take care of everything:

  • Design and Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Bandwidth management / QoS
  • Network security / Firewalls

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Wi-Fi for Events

Tired of events without working wireless network?
We help venue owners and event organizers to provide fast and reliable internet connectivity to hundreds of laptops and smartphones through the following services:

  • Capacity planning
  • Wifi channels management
  • High-density Wifi
  • Multiple SSIDs

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Need to temporarily expand your tech team?
We have been designing, installing, and automating networks professionally since 2003. We can help you with:

  • Cloud Automation / DevOps
  • Data Center Setup
  • Network Architecture / Topology
  • Security / Disaster Recovery


I wish to thank Ondelo for the great service provided. Will certainly work closely with Ondelo in our future conferences.

Minghao T. Biz Dev, TechInAsia

Thanks for all your help at FailCon. It was appreciated, seriously. People didn't have any issues with the internet, which boggles my mind. You are seriously pros. Will be using you at every event we have.

Justin H., GoldenGate VC

Ondelo provides us with the wifi. In the future, if you need wifi connectivity for your events, please feel free to contact him. His wifi network is really stable.

Kristabel Q. ideas.Generator, Executive for Strategic Projects & EDP

Ondelo is the reason the internet at my office functions today. They were meticulous, consistent and communicative throughout the process and our fit out now serves 18 happy people in the space.

Juanita S., Kolibri Solutions

I will definitely contact you if we need to set up the temporary WIFI again for future events and refer your company to other MHA departments if relevant.

Audrey P. Assistant Director, Human Resource Division, MHA

Thanks for setting up the WIFI, no complaints through the event.

Sharon T. - Assistant Manager - ASTAR

Clients and Partners